Wrong Patterns

There is a flow to all things, where the consequences of activity on one scale are reflected through another. It is by this mirror of separate channels, seemingly independent of one another, but actually completely interdependent, that is the cause of much unnecessary suffering in our personal lives. For instance, our thoughts during one day repeat in some way to make us look on certain problems and their situations by a certain shade. The thoughts of today are reflected by the emotions of tomorrow, to which the body reflects in a week. A man does something on one level which finds it echo somewhere else, and lo and behold, wrong thoughts that create wrong emotions are the cause of ailments of the body.

Our thoughts drive everything else, yet not all directly. The body is driven by moods, to which the emotions quite readily influence. These moods are accustomed by the patterns in which we think, for how we view the world is exactly what determines our emotional reactions when a perceived problem is encountered. A man’s thoughts are constructed ever gradually throughout his early years, in which our memory recalls very little, and by the time we are endowed with critical thinking many earlier bricks of belief have already been laid. From such a starting point, which is actually nothing of the sort, a man already accepts the bricks as his reality.

These bricks have been laid in majority by the imitation of the mannerisms and behaviours of the people who raised and educated him. If their behaviour and reactions were contradictory, strange and nonsensical, he will unconditionally adopt them nonetheless because he is a being who for sake of survival needs to blend into the crowd. The utter vulnerability of a child renders this a necessity; that it is not responsible in any respect for his own actions and is therefore wholly at the mercy of the mentality and way of life that this mob of the community imparts. As a general rule, we might consider that the more the personalities of a particular society are distorted and degenerate, the greater the incidence and intensity of physical ailments.

It becomes clear that to treat the body directly is an infantile and ignorant approach to restore health. Symptoms may be temporarily alleviated by the allegedly advanced medical practice of the day, yet the root cause will always lie within patterns of thought and the unnecessary suffering this has on our emotional interface to the world. For our emotional drive is innocent and simple by its very nature. It has no thoughts of its own, but is made of a finer material which reacts according to the patterns of the mind. Thoughts pave in the channel and emotion is the water which flows through its course. The body is in essence a vehicle which stores a record of the dance between the two and, by its nature, assumes a pattern of its own based on all of the inner results.

A man is not responsible for his unnecessary suffering as long as he is unaware of the genuine dynamic behind his suffering. If he realizes the truth of his many nonexistent plights and understands that the convolution of his thought is the consequence of having downloaded the wrong patterns of others, he may gradually escape from the physical ailments which have since befallen him. The knowledge of it bears upon him a new sense of responsibility which demands some sort of action, however slight or seemingly insignificant at first. He cannot completely see the situation in the same fashion nor indulge as wholeheartedly in believing the thoughts in his head which run their course simply due to past habit. His newfound awareness insists now on a bit more sanity.


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