Drops of Water

The water runs through the channels of the river, meandering with swift turns and slow stalls, all by a design which has both a beginning and an end. Drops trickle on the ground and form the streams which run down and join the river. The river in turn connects to a vast ocean which connects all the remaining lands. It is not for the drop to say or choose, or to do a single thing. The laws were set in motion long before, connecting as they do like gears in a clock. The design is complete and the drop of water, like all other things in flux, has nothing to do but simply exist. By the forces of time and season, gravity and pressure, friction and power, the paths have been paved and all roads have been laid.

A man must wonder what it is he is other than an instrument shaped and sized, moulded and coloured, according to the stage and its settings. Every milieu has its causes, circumstances and inevitable consequences. The medium, as they say, is the message. Yet in the midst of such words, the message or the carriers of message find it still hard to believe or cope with the idea that they are put together and packaged as copies and replicas, tainted by a power larger and greater than its own. It demonstrates this by its behaviour, annoyed and brought to anger by the most trivial of events. In spite of words which point to the contrary, how he reacts to the smallest of occurrences reveals his true beliefs.

The monetary system is a medium, a river through which we drops of water navigate with bread tucked under our lips. It shapes how we think and feel, live and die, all by a design which has come from steps progressively laid by those who preceded us. In what way or form we think to be charitable, amiable, ambitious and crude; in any and all ways we are dictated by a dictionary that it has published with iron ink. We believe in originality and unique flavours which, for some reason or another, we suspect to exist outside the scope of our present sight. Yet it is only the strange and eccentric, a minute minority, which ever stumbles by sheer peculiarity, down the alley ways which bear breadth of new insight.

We must remember that there is a force other than gravity which affects our perception and psychology in a way all the same. It pulls on us to think the same way as the tribe and hive, like a pressure upon our shoulders, accumulating by ounce and pound, using all and any means to keep us down within the confines of a cage. It will work its magic and influence through other men or magnetic events which seem to draw on us by sheer synchronicity and coincidence. A man must give birth to a special form of paranoia, suspecting himself to be faulty and always resolute in bending himself towards a more holistic point of view. He has to feel himself in this world, but not of this world, to ever be subject to possibilities outside of the range of current conditions. He must do this in order to be a carrier of a message both alien and true.


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