Special Flavour

Given the conditions he finds himself in, a man is best served by conveying a special flavour of positivity onto those he meets in every encounter in his life. There is a difference between indiscriminate and naïve positivity from this dose of magic that is channeled through the man and received by all those around him. It is not the type of crazed positivity that is witnessed, for example, amongst teenage girls around a celebrity or the habitual positivity of ‘love & light’ which indents the current world with its strange new age movements. It is a positivity which derives itself from a state of mind which acknowledges the weaknesses and shortcomings of everyone and embraces them with full view of their potential and possibility.

Sobriety is a lovely word to describe a state which is hesitant to indulge in either of the two drinks offered neatly before him. He refuses with a gentle gesture of the hand to drink from the polarities of good and bad, and therefore positive and negative. To be acutely aware of the two poles and their expression in every single thing that is done on this earth is all that he is concerned about. He will be so painstakingly attentive to these realities that he’ll find his left arm holding back his right, his teeth biting on his tongue and his body shivering as he seeks to control his habitual manifestations in favour of stepping out from the dramas of duality.

He approaches another man who is visibly disgruntled and preoccupied with some troubling thoughts. He notices his reaction towards the man, judging him immediately in some way or another, and posturing towards him in some accustomed way. Then he counteracts all of this outwardly by greeting him with a humble smile, expecting no positivity in return. He knows very well that light will bounce back against the temporary clouds and be blocked from touching the true surface of the man before him. Yet he makes an effort to provide him with material in his memory which associate his mind and heart back to instances of decency and kindness.

He understands that the long accumulation of negativity from the world can transform light children into heavy adults, and so a great deal of lightness must be fed before a change can begin to affect the weather and rise goodness back to the surface. Time does not hurry, though potency of efforts can at times play a role in accelerating the harvest of good deeds. Yet often the dosage and intensity of such sowing can be doubtful in accomplishing just that. It may instead cause the reverse and sour the entire chain of intention. So a man treads carefully and conveys his positivity with modesty and grace. It is the consistency of such efforts which wins the race, not a rush towards any figment of a finish line.

A man does not lie to himself and paint a scene with his own stained coloured lens. He knows this happens simply by being a man so he acknowledges the faulty apparatus he has to work with and makes efforts to do as he thinks is best in every delicate situation. There are milestones that can be passed when he grows accustomed to making this effort of sweaty discipline in the face of events and circumstances which send him down trials and tests of commitment. Society hypnotizes him with a song which encourages him to sip again from the cups of duality and believe in the concepts which inevitably cause him to judge others  instead of embracing them.


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