Sands of Time

There are often times when our physical state is darkened by some mood and our whole mentality shifts to a dreary shade. It is in these moments, more so than in our daily actions, that the manner of our response defines the quality of our character. We are rather flimsy in this regard, falling as we do to the beckoning wish of any inner climate which visits us. The weather can be sunny in one moment, rainy the next, with a storm brewing through the clouds which congregate to instill negativity through our entire being. Do not dare for a moment believe that you are a force to be reckoned with, an impenetrable mountain of sheer will that can take on any attack, for it is an outright lie and a strike against the humble child within you.

Many things in life are encountered by luck, accident and some perhaps even by fate. The events which dawn upon the street we walk are often neither deserved or sensible, but they happen nonetheless. Even cause and effect litter our steps as we reap the karma of one good or bad deed and the harvest which serve as their rewards and punishment. Yet do not look at these for they are the surface of an object far larger than your comprehension; a design which only stumbles one down a road of confusion and delusion. The accessible element to all of these apparitions appearing before this dream, of which you are a participant, is how much of you there really is to stand firm against the shifting sands of time.

There is never an excuse to indulge in negativity. It is the one thing you can count on as being worthless. For all it’s nonsense and extravagant theatrics, it serves nothing noble. It is sheer weakness in its every manifestation, however humble and upright it may pretend to be. There is a mask lurking within and it is a dark farce made up of sour grapes and rotten tomatoes. Its lies protest about some evil deed done by a villain around the corner, or the cloud above their head as it appears to downpour the rain of unlucky events over their head. What it says isn’t real and the complicated thoughts which swirl around like a mob gone mad need to be ignored and dismissed for the hubris that they are.

The truth is that there was never a promise made to you that favourable events of your liking would hover to your beck and call, simply because you are you. The drama of life is often impartial of your personal volition and has a plan that will likely treat you as an ant caught by an unexpected trickle of water. The duty of a living creature is to be content with the simplest of things and a gratitude for the blessings of every next moment of breath. We leave this world with a dignity that has been either fed or starved by our actions. Not only against the people and places around us, but most especially against ourselves. Negativity cannot be taken with a grain of salt or believed in as something that has its place. It is a destructive force which cares nothing for you, even as you proudly raise it up as a torch and naïvely claim to wield it.


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