Monkey in our Minds

There is a rapture that seems to have been tasted by certain individuals in our history, and likely even during our times. What seems to be the case is that this type of experience is marked by an increase of personal output, be it through the arts or more practical forms such as engineering or science. These men and women are able to muster supreme efforts, exuding an energy that outweighs the ordinary to an unusual degree. They paint, write, invent profusely and with such an insightful and refreshing spin that you can truly sense a higher perspective at work. The quality lacks mediocrity and comes out gushing in volumes which interconnect in design by a shape and form which appears alien to what we are accustomed.

We often want to explain away things and flatten, so to speak, the layers of complication underlying all acts of brilliance. This relates to why we fail as instruments of understanding, for we take all perceived manifestations and endeavor to break them down into building blocks and denominating elements. Everything must be named, identified by its properties, and then categorized so that we can sleep at night knowing that humpty dumpty is alive and well. As a culture we possess an ever-lingering fear towards chaos and messy things, but unfortunately it might just be that chaos at our level is by design on a higher one. A healthy conclusion can therefore be that we ought not be afraid to taste the unpredictable, undefinable and utterly unknowable when we encounter them below our feet.

These men of finer matter, I believe, have existed and do exist, by a genius which is, in actual fact, not genius. For such an idea is another label to which we seem to be comfortable assigning to acts of unparalleled quality. There is a method behind the madness of this so-called genius and it is often connected to specialized schools hidden from well-trodden paths. It is not something that is advertised in the yellow pages or can be found through a quick google search. The application process is likely free in the conventional sense and more expensive than you can imagine in other, naked to the eye, ways. We should be glad to smell the scent of its presence amidst a growing mass of inhabitants on this world, seemingly bent towards unanimous hypocrisy and blundering unconsciousness.

So let it be that the unknowable be unlabelled and that the undefinable be left without a name. There is a monkey in our minds, serving as a secretary that attempts to keep all of its files neatly organized. It doesn’t have an intelligence of its own but rather functions according to a tendency that is ingrained into its very wiring and design. It does not respond to reason but only to the orders assigned by an emotional element within you. It is the same place that hope, faith and sober optimism reign according to simple moral laws and a clean slate of conscience. It is from there that our attitudes and acts should arise and have their tunes harmonized according to a reconciled idea of what a man ought to do. The trick is to find a way to wake this part of you up out of bed, for it slumbers right now as you read these very words.


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