Gesture of Gusto

Goodness is in the will and talent to redirect energy towards harmony. There is an unbelievably narrow-minded, righteous, little beast within each and every one of us that adores the pleasure of judgement. It observes the outer form of something and points its finger at the warts on its surface. Little is it realized that with a touch of careful effort the energy behind that outer form can be redirected for our mutual benefit. A city booms into the skies, rapidly and without restraint, and behind it is a momentum of energy beyond any precedents of the past. The majority of minds, traveling from abroad and living within its borders, find it ever so easy and satisfying to indulge in hypocrisy, pleasuring themselves with the boons of living and working there, while at the same time resigning to an indifferent or negative posture towards it all.

There is a real need in this world for bright minds and warm hearts to become conscious to the gaps under their feet, both within their power to remedy to some degree or, at the very least, champion as a cause worth our dearest attention. It is worth nothing in these times to be a critic; where exponential rises in disease and destruction are at our doorstep and solutions are begging for our urgent appeal. A man walks past the throes of society every day and votes to not vote, all the while secretly forlorn for lacking the will to be something worth remembering. So the walk continues and the walls of the structures from side to side are noted for their cracks, not for what and who they house, from what intent they were built, and to what causes they can yet be of service should the idea be championed with a sincere gesture of gusto.

Hardly a moment passes without an opportunity presenting itself from which we can prove ourselves capable of improving the lives of others or the ideas worth spreading through the networks of humanity. It is not about blind idealism, where naïveté runs amok and drives the reasoning apparatus in-between our ears to utter madness. It is rather about choosing to be of service and therefore shape and mold that instrument of a body you were given for the sake of something higher than your individual story and ego permits. Keep it always in mind that in this moment we can step out of ourselves and look onto the stage with new eyes. Our force is by no means lacking when directed towards a second or two of effort. It is rather our ignorance to this fact and our persistence towards impotent wishing for impossible things. “Save the world”, they say, as they hop over the branded laborer on the street.

Take the forms that are created by others and look for the momentum of energy behind them. By becoming intimate with the energy and discarding that innate reaction of dissatisfaction, we are able to ride a vehicle which can with our seemingly invisible intent and effort be made of use towards a greater landscape than was originally designed for it. In this is the secret of creativity, from which the energies cycling all around us can be harnessed and channeled as a wave of water engraves the sand. It all begins with the simple, honest and innocent intent to be of service and not become anxious about the opinions of others. Whether you succeed or fail is moot. The proof is in the pudding; that you made an effort to take the good and make it great; that you worked with whatever forces you could muster towards fostering a furtherance of harmony in our world.


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