A Force of its Own

The glories of invention, from fire and flame to wheel and plane, tempts mankind to allude its own progress by some indirect measure. Spiraling up by refinement and innovation, technology advances with grande promises. Side by side with this independent line, men and women toil their heads, hearts and hands, serving this creature like pagans to their idols. Distracted far from philosophy and plunged into a world of corporate agendas and mass marketing, mankind falls into the deepest slumber imaginable. The earth is rumbling, its grounds shattering, our companions suffering…and to what seeming end?

The truth is that technology advances from one age to another, somehow by a force of its own, with humanity as its vessel of expression. Invisible to our senses, blocked from our perception, its sleight of hand tricks us to believe that our progress is inextricably linked to its own. All the while genuine elements and measures of human development, such as the aim to narrow ever more the gap between words and actions, morality and behaviour, seems no closer than decades, and perhaps even eons, before. The western markets flood its people with prescription drugs, contaminated food and drink, infusing them with a clouded and dazed state of mind. The markets pass rivers of coin and credit through avenues of distraction and the core values of the world are left to stagnate to a steady tilt, over the edge, teetering towards continued degeneration.

These creatures of economy and technology must not ever be seen as integral to humanity, for if they are we close ourselves off from genuine advancement and genuine harmony among the peoples of this world. The nature of these beasts is to serve the welfare of the smaller and larger communities, left always subject to change, revision and, if necessary, abandonment. For as long as they have a use and fill the sore gaps between what is needed and provided, they are in a positive relation to the health of the community. To the degree that they begin to serve their own needs, for their own sake, and become the ruling principle from which humanity revolves, our throne is gradually relinquished to machines and their mechanical processes.

The vision of the simple man and the greater visionaries are to set the human path towards human ends, applying concepts into practical reality when necessities call them forth along the way. A conscious and intelligent understanding of human aims — that of deliverance from acute forms of poverty, violence and moral degradation — must always serve as the frame from which technology and economy play their humble parts. When, for example, one witnesses waves of new generations cling to nocturnal forms of entertainment such that modern electronics provide, and neglect both the sun and the genuine relationships of community, then a festering problem has clearly come to light.


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