Unfettered Hearts

A man can be selfless through selfish reasons. If at the expense of vanity he chooses to develop himself, in his entirety, than he can forgo hundreds of idle pursuits for the sake of opening up to what he may be.

The idea of an ‘open’ heart needs some explanation. The mind is a fine tool and yet in the hands of mediocre points of view, the sort and variety which keep our gaze only on ourselves, it can shackle and fetter the heart until it dries up to the shape and size of a prune. Nothing closes the heart more completely than a narrow perspective. Often this type of thinking can be described as an ‘Either-Or’ way of being, where when we engage in communication and interact with others in our normal way of dealings, we choose to keep ourselves in the right, either desperately or at all costs. We excuse or ignore the idea that both or all can be right based on each man and woman’s unique point of view. In moment to moment situations the exercise of building on what we hear and see others think, feel and do, through the technique of ‘Yes…And’, little by little it is slowly revealed that what really matters is the connection between two souls rather than a never-ending battle of who is right and who is wrong, who knows best versus who is clearly mistaken and in need of correction.

An open heart can only be realized when our perspective favours the well-being of others and that of improving the conditions which encourage their health and development. The heart is centered in the immediate moment and takes no stock on the future. Only the mind can scheme and conceptualize aims, targets, goals and finales to be sought. That is why when the mind is the ruling force in our lives, it will surely take us out of the moment, away from the opportunity to be present to where we are and who we are with, and rush to an isolated spot where nothing can touch or move us emotionally. Instead, the mind can sit us down at movie theatres, behind the TV or computer screen, and experience emotions only through vicarious means. What ought to be done for our sake as well as the world at large is to pursue meaningful connections with others, authentic relationships which challenge us to dig deep into what it means to be human. This is one of the keys to falling under the shade of grace, whereby my life and yours can be dedicated towards worthwhile ideas and initiatives which are done selflessly for selfish reasons. For we banish the possibility of our development when the heart is closed at the expense of a narrow mind.


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