Open to Control

Men clench to troubled futures. Their heads and hearts never cease to fill with noise of yesterday or tomorrow, or to the tensions of the present. Each ego holds on to stubborn lines of what must be done, should be done, and suffers the fate of always seeming to fall astray. A man yearns to let go, to fall backwards into a blissful state of not-knowing, but the pressing demands of society prod him back to old reactions — patterns that appear insuperable.¬†Clouded associations spring anxieties, and anxieties fuel clouded thoughts, like a snake that swallows its own tail. Many simply avoid the facts and indulge in daydreams of vanity, pride and other pillows of comfort, yet the moment inevitably arrives when one must realize that very little in this life is pliable and open to control, save for our attitude towards it all.


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